Electronic Design Intellectual Property Protection
[based on “IEEE Recommended Practice for Encryption and Management of Electronic Design Intellectual Property (IP)”]

IP Protection

IPEncrypter provides turnkey solution for IEEE Std 1735™-2014. The ipencrypter is a suite that provides tools and modules for encryption, decryption, rights management and licensing for electronic design intellectual property (IP) conforming to IEEE Std 1735™-2014 standard (IEEE P1735 v2).

Encrypt IP
IP Encryption: IP author can use ipecrypt to encrypt an IP. IP author can provide the level of protection through protect directives in common and tool blocks.
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Decrypt IP
IP Decryption: ipeclient is a module that can be integrated with the EDA tool. This module reads the encrypted IP and decrypts it. Try the software to see how easy it is to make your tools handle encrypted HDLs.
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License Proxy
Licensing of encrypted IPs: ipeproxy is a license proxy tool which is a part of ipencrypter suite. It securely communicates with license client (tool) and serves license requests. Proxy can link to third party license managers for handling licensing.
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IPEncrypter provides consulting services to make EDA tools IEEE Std 1735™-2014 (IEEE P1735 v2) compliant and secure IPs (IP Encryption).
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Python Code Protection
The ipepycrypter is a suite that provides tools to encrypt and run python scripts to protect intellectual property (IP).

Encrypt Python Script
Script author can use ipepycrypt to encrypt script.
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Run Encrypted Python Script
Script user can run the encrypted script with ipepython.
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Next Steps…
If you are IP Author and want to protect your IPs or if you are EDA Tool provider and want to support encrypted IPs please contact us:

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