Portfolio: HDL IP Protection

Encrypt HDL IP


IP author can use ipecrypt to encrypt an IP as per IEEE Std 1735™-2023 standard. IP author can provide the level of protection through protect directives in common and tool blocks. IP author can choose the tools to support and needs public key for each tool.
Process of creating encrypted IP through ipecrypt:

  • Create IP in plain text
  • Add protect directives around the code to secure
  • Run ipecrypt application to generate encrypted IP

[Download: ipecrypt]
[User Guide: ipecrypt]

Decrypt IP within EDA Tool


ipencrypter provides a client module, ipeclient, that can be linked to EDA tool to support encrypted IPs as per IEEE Std 1735™-2023 standard. Client securely communicates with license proxy if evaluation of control rights requires license evaluation. Based on the rights granted, the tool will either get the decrypted IP and proceeds with its processing or terminates the processing of the IP.
Decryption Flow:

  • Tool reads the encrypted IP through ipeclient module embedded in it
  • ipeclient decrypts the IP
  • Check license rights for decryption, if required
  • Provides IP in plain text to tool

[Download: Trial Version of ipeclient Software]

License Proxy


ipeproxy serves license requests of ipeclient or any EDA software that needs license support as per IEEE Std 1735™-2023. It securely communicates with ipeclient (client) and grants or deny license. ipeproxy provides APIs to link and get license from third party license managers. IP author provides the license proxy to IP users.

Consulting Services

Making EDA tools IEEE Std 1735™compliant and secure IPs

IP Encrypter offers consulting services to integrate its encryption and decryption modules with EDA tools.

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